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                         by: Paula  
   Alicia walked through a garden. It all seamed unreal. 
"Am I dreaming?", she thought. No, it wouldn't be this way 
in a dream. In her dreams it always felt as though she was 
looking at herself. This time she felt herself walking. Roses, 
lilies, ginger, and many others she did not know the names of. 
 The garden was bright. It seemed like the strongest lights of 
heaven were shining down on her as she moved. Toward the end, 
though, it grew dark. One flower was standing alone. It only looked 
half-alive. It's petals were wilted and falling off.
 Alicia then realized that the garden was fenced in. They were
oak boards and they were very high. So high that she couldn't see 
the outside world. The top had a glass roof that could only be opened 
a few feet.  
 Alicia soon panicked. "I'm trapped in here, but why! 
How did I get in?"
 She sat and thought for a long time. She turned toward the back of 
the garden.
 The rest of the garden dimmed and a faint light was cast upon the 
lonely wilted flower. 
 Soon she realized something. In this cruel world, any act of kindness
could make a difference. 
 She ran around the garden looking for a pail. She quickly returned to
the flower and poured water at its base. Then she sat back and waited.
 The flower transformed into a beautiful rose. Then grew into a handsome
 Alicia didn't know what to do. The handsome prince held out his hand,
helping her up. "Thank you for setting me free.",he said.
 He kissed her and the gardens fence fence broke to reveal the outside world.
It was nothing like it had been. People smiling and talking. 
Everything was clean. No pollution. The world was perfect.Everything was 
perfect.Alicia stared in amazement. "You did this," the prince said,
"by setting me free." "Wow!", she said. "I am Prince Davy," he said, 
kneeling on one knee, "Will you be my princess?" 
 "Yes! Yes!", she cried. As they walked hand in hand to their castle, Alicia
thought of her wonderful prince and how any love can make a difference.
She was lucky to know that.


Love is Only Sleeping

                   by: Kitty
  It was a stormy night, and Paulie and Kitty were having a party.
All the grooviest people in town had come. Paulie's best friend,
Billy, was there. He didn't know it, but she  had a minor crush
on him, and was really happy when he came. Meanwhile, Kitty had 
invited Ralph, this really good-looking guy. She was real happy 
when he came early; but she got pissed off when he left 20 minutes 
later. Then someone knocked on the door.
 What Paulie and Kitty didn't know, was that Billy, knowing how much
Paulie loved The Monkees, had found a way to get them to come to the 
 So after Ralph left, Kitty sat by the door, wallowing in self-pity.
Then she heard the 'rat-a-tat-tat' on the door. Slowly she rose from 
her corner and opened the door. She looked up and saw Mike Nesmith
standing in front of her. She screamed in delight and threw her 
arms around him. Paulie heard her scream, and looked up in surprise.
Then...she saw him. Yes, she saw Davy Jones. She Flipped Out!!
She ran over to him and began hugging him and kissing him all over.
Billy suddenly became VERY jealous, and yelled at her. She said, 
"Get out, you egotistical male!, No sperm-infested fag is going to..."
She never got to finish. He stormed out. She realized that she had 
spoken too soon. Heartbroken, she broke down and cried. Davy sat her
down on his lap and kissed her softly on the forehead. This only 
made her cry harder. He rocked her slowly and whispered in her ear,
"I'll alway's love you".
 The other three began playing 'Love is Only Sleeping'. Finally, Paula
stopped crying and Davy left her standing next to Kitty. Davy went up
on stage and they played Daydream Believer.
 Paula continued to stare at Davy the entire time; occasionally
letting a tear fall from her cheek. But this time they were tears of
happiness, not broken-heartedness.